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About Reb
Debra "Reb" Robinson is a multi-faceted individual; an author,
 musician/songwriter. As an author, her first book,
A Haunted Life: The True Ghost
Story of a Reluctant Psychic
was released in 2013 by Llewellyn Worldwide, and
The Dead are Watching in 2014. Her latest novel Red Death: A Post Apocalyptic
, was released Feb 2015 by Severed Press, and has hit the Amazon top
100 bestsellers list.

Debra's Shadows and Light series, Sarah's Shadows and Sarah's Sight are
described as The Stand meets the afterlife. Her upcoming dark paranormal
suspense novel, The Haunting of Black Tower Mansion was recently signed by
Voodoo Press with a July 31st, 2015 release date planned.

Debra is currently working on a sequel, Red Death: Survivors for Severed Press
and is contracted to begin a regional book of true hauntings for The History Press
for release Oct 2016.

Debra has experienced many things since living in a haunted house as a teenager.
Her memoir tells the story of the terrible consequences that can sometimes follow
an experience such as this. Debra believes we are all in a spiritual battle
against forces we can't see, and trying to interact with these forces can often be
spiritually as well as physically dangerous.

As a musician with a unique sound and style, her credits include contracts in
Nashville and LA; a song from her catalogue in the Matthew McConaughey red
band film trailer for "Killer Joe"; charting in the top 10 on A/C radio; and selling
10,000 of her cd's, Pretty lies and Perfect Girl regionally.

She began writing songs on guitar at age 14, and went on the road with a rock
band for 5 years, playing the Midwestern and Southern US.

Debra developed Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 24, and learned to adapt her
playing style to accomodate the significant changes in her hands.
During her years on the road, Debra honed her performance and songwriting,
once playing a party for Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt, and
auditioning Axl Rose for her band before he was Axl Rose. Axl didn't join her
band, but went on to form Guns-N-Roses, of international fame.

Likened to Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, and Adele rolled into one singer,
Debra performs in acoustic duets, trios, and solo regionally.
In her private studio, she's recorded her 2 CD's, jingles for regional radio and TV,
and demo's for publishers.

After the tragic losses of her son and her father, Debra delved into an entirely
different kind of writing, producing the memoir published by Llewellyn
Worldwide. The book details her many psychic experiences, and the ensuing
visits of her loved ones after their deaths.    











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